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Reiki is the energetic life force that exists within all of us. Reiki energy healing can be used on any person, place or living thing. It is done by placing the hands on the physical body, at meridian points, but the energy can also be sent from a distance, effortlessly. Reiki healing is associated with overall mental, physical and spiritual healing and wellness and is practiced globally. Sessions are 60 minutes long and require a 50% deposit to hold your session, full amount is due at the time of your session.

Packages for ongoing Reiki healing (weekly, biweekly or monthly) available. Book a consultation to learn more about scheduling and pricing.



Psychic Surgery is a tool that allows you to take control of your inner power and use it to heal. The goal of Psychic Surgery Reiki is to remove blockages from your energy body that are preventing you from being able to access your full inner power. This treatment with restore balance to your aura and chakra system, improve overall mental and physical wellness and strengthen your innate ability to heal yourself and others.


donation based

This reiki share is intended to serve any reiki practioner looking for a space to heal, learn, grow and practice reiki collectively.

Mondays & Saturdays sessions will be held via Zoom

Sunday sessions will be distance, and self led

The collective is a difficult place to be for many of us empaths. My work with reiki the last few months has truly enhanced my life. I recognize the need for like-minded beings to come together to share in healing intentions and in creating a time for silence.



This 3 session mini course is for those interested in learning more about Reiki and how to use it for self healing purposes. In this course you will learn the origins and history of Reiki, what Reiki is, how it works and how to use it for healing the Self. At this time, all Reiki healing sessions will be distance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We can connect over the phone or via Zoom meeting for a video call.



These sessions add a unique touch to your creative process and wellness. Therapy sessions are designed to provide an outlet to express and work through adversity. Sessions are 45-60 minutes long and are held either in person or via Zoom meeting. A consultation is required for this session and will be scheduled prior to booking your session. Art supplies are required; as needed, supplies can be sent to you directly, or we will work with what is already available to you. Methods include but are not limited to, drawing, painting, finger painting, bead art, oracle card reads, expressive movement, clay formation, art journaling, creative writing, body art, and more.

Packages for ongoing sessions (weekly, biweekly or monthly) available. Book a consultation to learn more about scheduling and pricing.



Until further notice, readings will be recorded or virtual meet up only. Tarot readings are an amazing way to connect with Spirit & to validate your lived experiences. Tarot uses to the law of attraction to reflect ones current internal state, using divine symbols & archetypes. Tarot readings that are listed above are suggestions, however I am willing to customize any reading to suit your needs. Pleas allow at least 24 hours for your reading to be returned.   



For your next birthday, book club, weekend getaway or just for fun! Gatherings are the best way for your tribe to build a deeper connection & raise your vibrations! Gatherings are booked on evenings and weekends, and can accommodate 3 to 10 of your favorite humans. Plan on spending 1-3 hours talking self love, spiritual development and discovering magic! Sessions can include Life Search work, channeled energy healing and therapeutic tarot/ card readings.  Use the contact form below so that we can plan your most exciting & unique event yet! Also, be sure to check out the events page to stay connected.

Until further notice, readings will be recorded or virtual meet up only.
All sessions are trauma-informed, client-centered, judgement free, strengths based & solution focused.


What is tarot and how can it change your life?

I came across the origins and study of tarot in a collegiate level Psychology class, during our study of Carl Jung, psycho-analytics and humanistic theory. While many claim that the origins of the symbolism and meanings of the cards are "obscure", to those well versed in tarot, the underlying archetypal themes within & between the cards are well understood. Tarot cards function under the law of attraction. This means that any energy you are emitting, will be returned back to you by the deck. Such is true for every other form of divination--the vibrations you put in will be reflected back.

Imagine how powerful tarot could be as a tool for clarity, validation, direction, introspection, reflection & self-discovery. Imagine the endless possibilities that could open if you had access to the deepest forms of inner knowing & self trust.

All sessions are client-centered, trauma-informed and strength's based. Psychic development and 1-on-1 sessions will require work in between sessions, and I will make myself available to all clients during open access hours. Open access hours is a privilege granted only to on-going clients and will be discussed during sessions.

See the Upcoming events page for more information regarding Tarot Therapy Thursday's, Virtual Healing groups and Moon cycle ritual & reading sessions.  

Qualifications include: BA in Psych/Soc; trained Crisis Counselor, certified Girl's & Women's Circle facilitator; (pending) Certified Creative Expressive Arts Therapist, under clinical supervision. Plus 10 years of experience working with traumatized adults & children in residential, therapeutic & community settings. 


Straight From The Source

Your reading was on point (of course it was on point!)...And love, thank you for this reading.  It was divine and on time.  You have a true gift and I love your no bullshit attitude tempered with the softest, sweetest heart.

Tonya Brown

So I watched this late the other night but I've been to busy to respond, and I wanted to give you a well-thought out written response - your reading was dead on, so much so that I got teary because it reassured but also pushed me...Your reading finally pushed me to do something I've been putting off for no particular reason.

Samantha Faella

Quinn is absolutely amazing! I had a reading with her a couple of weeks ago and she was spot on and helped me get through something I was stuck on. I will definitely be continuing readings with her when I feel I need it.

Jessica Jazikoff

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