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3 Simple Tips for Healthy Social Media Management in times of Absolute Madness

Do I even need to write an intro about how wild the media is at this point? I genuinely don't know a single person who is at peace with the way the media is currently being manipulated. So I really wanted to take some time to talk about how to use social media in a healthy way. Social media should NOT be a source for the latest world news, but it should be a source of connection and inspiration between your business and your potential customers. I have a few tips that have really helped keep my social media feed from draining me:

1) Keep your personal & business pages SEPERATE:

I have seen a number of new business's popping up social media that are based on established personal (& sometimes private) social media pages. The expectation is that your current list of friends and family would be the most supportive client-base--unfortunately most entrepreneurs will tell you this is false. Creating a separate page to host ONLY business related content allows you to maintain healthy boundaries between business & pleasure. Sharing divisive and strong opinions can affect your brand in a negative way on social media and within your local community and should be limited to your personal feed. Now, I have been guilty of keeping Indigo very personal, but that is a brand aesthetic. My clients can trust that my personal voice is in alignment with my business ethics, and that is crucial for my brands market.

2) Refine your following:

A lot has probably changed since your first created your account, and lots of people (or brands) on your feed have probably shown their asses by now. It's in your best interest to unfriend, unfollow, unsubscribe, mute and restrict accordingly. I have gotten very comfortable moving quickly on this as I see harmful content come up on my feed (or in my spam email). Your business page should limit following anyone who isn't: 1) a potential client 2) a potential partner or collaborator 3) within the same market 4) a potential source of inspiration, aligned with your business aesthetic. I have also seen a number of business pages on social media that are following 0 people. While this may keep your feed clean, but it's not always the most beneficial practice when it comes to "the algorithm". Your followers want to know where you get your inspo, so don't be afraid to follow and share the pages that speak to your brand.

3) Engage with intention:

Trolls in 2021 look different than they did in 2001--now they hide behind screens and lurk in comments sections. Engagement from your business page should be limited to responding to questions, offering gratitude for support or referrals, educating about your "product" or making an authentic connection to a potential client. Engagement also is directly related to the content a clients find on your page before they comment, like, follow or share. Consider how transparent you need to be with your customers to enhance your personal business practice and your customer's overall experience. Be open about limitations, liabilities and risks to create trust and respect from the jump on your business page. Remember, there is always the option to turn off commenting on posts as well--for more controversial posts, this will guide the conversation into your DM's rather than on your public platform. Try to refrain from deleting controversial comments, while finding a diplomatic way to address the clients issue or perspective--and remember it is ALWAYS OK to be direct when a follower is not in alignment with your brand and should remove themselves, if need be. It's all about creating boundaries and mutual respect.

Take some time this week to put some of these practices in motion and see how quickly your feed starts feeding you back! Social media doesn't have to be overwhelming or distracting--but YOU have to be intentional about that. Subscribe to see more tips and to learn more about managing your platforms and marketing with intent. If you have been getting bogged down in managing your business's social media, connect with The New Indigo for a consultation or to inquire about our social media management services.


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