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Full Moon reflections

It is the full moon, in Pisces.

Last night, I hosted a Reiki mediation and channeled energy to those who were receptive.

This full moon was particularly full of lust, indulgence and genuinely restful.

If you feel yourself pulled towards vices like sex, drugs, alcohol, food or shopping--it is a great time to navigate healthy indulgence.

Virgo season is the wonderful time to "get our affairs in order", while the Pisces full moon is a gentle reminder that we are vulnerable to that which we turn a blind eye towards.

Virgoans tend to hold others accountable, so you may find yourself applying accountability in new and meaningful ways.

This full moon also lends itself to be illusory and open doors to fantasy.

Let your mind wander and explore your mind-scapes and emotional terrain more openly this full moon.

I am available to host several more Full Moon Reiki meditation sessions on 9/2 & 9/3 (while the full moon energy is still potent). Sessions cost $30 and are about 35 minutes long. Book Here

During the meditation, reiki energy was used to balance and heal the 7 chakras, beginning at the root chakra, working up to the crown chakra.

I was able to tell right away that everyone involved would need good hydration and better rest after the energy work.

The higher chakras particularly carried the heavier and more sub-conscious blockages to work through.

Reiki energy ignites the healing process on a cellular level and this can cause physical symptoms and experiences in the days following a Reiki session.

Attuning to the physical body and responding intuitively can allow the healing process to truly unfold and manifest.

Healing truly is an inside job, and Reiki is the energy life force that allows it to take hold.

Sending love and blessings on this dreamy full moon,


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